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Gatan Mix

Product Description:

Gatan Mix is a complete food for adult cats.


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Ground whole corn, wheat bran, bone and meat meal, soy bran, rice bran, poultry meal, chicken oil,  hydrolyzed (pork and chicken), sodium chloride, colorings, vitamins, minerals, acidifying, propionic acid, taurine, BHA and BHT.

CASUAL SUBSTITUTES:Corn germ bran, wheat middling, corn gluten, feather meal, bovine tallow, sorghum, ground beans, palatability enhancer, cracked rice.

It contains, in the composition, genetically modified food: corn and soy.* Gene donor species: Agrobacterium spp, Bacillus thuringiensis and Streptomyces spp.

Guaranteed ANALYSIS

Moisture (Max.)

120    g/kg


Crude Protein (Min.)                                          

260    g/kg


Crude Fat (Min.)                                       

80    g/kg


Crude Fiber (Max.)                         

45    g/kg


Ash (Max.)                                                                 

100    g/kg


Calcium (Max.)                                                                  

20    g/kg


Calcium (Min.)                                                                   

10    g/kg


Phosporus (Min.)                                                          

7.000 mg/kg


Omega 6 (linoleic acid) (Min.)

5.000 mg/kg


Omega 3 (linolenic acid) (Min.)

200 mg/kg


Taurine (Min.)

1.000 mg/kg



Consumption Table:

Cat Weight                                                          5 or more

                          1 - 2

   2 -3

   3 - 4

   4 - 5

Daily Intake(g)                                                 
90 or more 

                     31 - 50 

 50 - 65 

 65 - 80 

 80 - 90

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