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Adidog Premium Adult Dogs - Meat and Cereals

Product Description:

Adidog Premium Adult Dogs - Meat and Cereals is a complete premium dry food, developed to meet the requirements of the adult dog. 

Free of Artificial Colorings

With Omegas 3 and 6, Prebiotics and Yucca Extract.


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Ground whole corn*, bovine meat and bone meal, wheat bran, soy bran**, chicken oil, sodium chloride, prebiotic, palatability enhancer, yucca extract, vitamins, minerals, propionic acid, BHA, BHT.

Casual substitutes: Poultry meal, rice bran, cracked rice, corn germ*, chicken liver hydrolyzate, bovine meat and bone meal.


It contains, in the composition, genetically modified food: corn * and soy **.
Gene donor species: Agrobacterium spp. *, Bacillus thuringiensis *, Streptomyces spp. *, Arabidopsis thaliana **.

Guaranteed ANALYSIS

Moisture (Max.) 100 g/kg (10,0%)
Crude Protein (Min.) 190g/kg (19,0%)
Crude Fat (Min.) 80 g/kg (8,0%)
Crude Fiber (Max.) 50 g/kg (5,0%)
Ash (Max.) 110 g/kg (11,0%)
Calcium (Max.) 24 g/kg (2,4%)
Calcium (Min.) 10 g/kg (1,0%)
Phosphorus (Min.) 8.000 mg/kg (0,8%)
Sodium (Min.) 2.000 mg/kg 
Mannanoligosaccharides (Min.) 220 mg/kg                
Omega 6 (linoleic acid) (Min.) 14 g/kg      
Omega 3 (linolenic acid) (Min.) 2.000 mg/kg

Consumption Table:

Breed Size  Dog Weight (kg) Quantity/day(g)
Miniature Up to 5 Up to 140
Small 5–10 140-240
Medium 10–15 240-320
Medium 15 – 20 320-400
Medium 20–25 400-480
Large 25– 40 480 - 670
Giant Over 40 670 or more

The required quantities of food, are just suggestions and may vary according to the dog, physical activity, or according to the veterinary orientation. 1 cup contains approximately 90 g.

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