Segunda via de Boletos


Anyone who thinks dog's life is hard has not known Magnus’ everyday routine yet. He was born in July, 2012 and nowadays he stands out among the most famous dogs in Brazil, representing our brand in different situations.

Much more than a beloved friendly pet, this Bernese Mountain Dog has starred in advertising films next to Ana Maria Braga, he had an important role in the Fernando & Sorocaba double’s clip (Song: Preto) and appeared even in Caras Magazine!

Versatile and very well connected, he has his own plush toys and he also has a great affinity with sports. He is a popular figure in Neto’s and Milton Neves’ sports programs.  This charming dog is still the star of Magnus Futsal team and of the team’s coat. Magnus is a true Brazilian canine celebrity!

 And as any celebrity, he also makes presence in social events and visits, actions in kindergartens, nursing home, schools ... After all, he is a much loved popular dog!

If you are considering so much for just one dog, know you are absolutely right. For this reason, in fact, there are twelve Magnus dogs who take turns in all these commitments. Looking from the outside, they seem so similar, and that is the idea, but each of them stands out for his unique personality.

All of Magnus dogs live in Sorocaba, in the CTC - Dogs Training Center , a  reference in training area, where they maintain a routine training and a lot of rest. In order to follow the daily life of our canine star, visit

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