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About Adimax

Adimax was founded in 2002 by professionals with extensive experience in the Pet Market, initially aiming to serve the market of São Paulo. But, since then, the company has been continuing to grow. Nowadays,  it has its headquarter in the city of Salto de Pirapora – SP and three other manufacturing units in different cities, Abreu e Lima-PE, Uberlândia-MG and Fortaleza-CE. Adimax offers products to almost all Pet Segments, always aiming to provide assorted quality  products with affordable prices.

Nutritive Process

In addition to the specialized operational and technical teams, Adimax invests in modern equipment and machinery to manufacture food for dogs and cats, with quality, safety, high palatability and nutrient improvement.


Each product has in its formula selected ingredients and for their production, are considered the species, stage and lifestyle of pets.For this, Adimax has a qualified staff, comprising veterinarians, who are always searching for  welfare and improvement of  pets’ quality of life.

Development of New products

Adimax is aware of the customers and pets’ needs. Therefore this company is constantly improving and adding new products to the portfolio to make it more complete.We have a technical staff which is ready to analyze, develop and test all suggestions from our customers. The concern to innovate is part of the daily routine of Adimax’s team in order to put it at the forefront of the Pet Market.


Quality is a fundamental principle for Adimax which values the health and well being of pets.Searching for this goal, Adimax adopted a rigorous selection of its suppliers, according to their internal quality specifications.Meeting the international rules of Good Manufacturing Practices,  the processes are implemented and monitored in order to ensure required health conditions and the necessary structure for the production of safe food and with a high standard of quality.


Adimax offers a modern Quality Control Laboratory, with qualified professionals, which provides fast and reliable analysis of raw materials and products in the manufacturing process.The final product is released for sale in a safe way within the desired standards of quality and An example of the modernity of our laboratory is the equipment: NIRS (Near Infrared Reflectance System) that measures the quality parameters of the ingredients through the infrared spectrum, and compares them with data already recorded and validated the system in less than a minute analysis.Complementary analyzes are performed in external laboratories according to the internal requirements for monitoring, in order to supplement or confirm the results.


Adimax is constantly improving its processes. The company values the quality of its products and services and is also committed to preserving the environment, welfare of employees and the community.Currently, in order to consolidate its Quality Program, Adimax  is in the final stages of preparation of its industrial plant for Certification in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), dedicating themselves to invest resources in order to meet all the principles of this Food Safety System, as recommended by the Codex Alimentarius International Forum.Through the certification and responsible practices, the industry can demonstrate its commitment to serious work and customers can have the confidence to purchase our products, assuming the important and valued role as a responsible consumer.

Trans Adimax

A Trans Adimax, situada na cidade de Salto de Pirapora, foi fundada exclusivamente para atender a demanda da Adimax Pet. 

Our Units